• Owen Spencer

The Ruins of Empires - Akala

Updated: May 9, 2018

One of my favourite and most challenging projects to work on in 2017 is being aired this Saturday 28th April 2018 on BBC 2 at 10pm - The Ruins of Empires

Clips of the performance

BBC Media Centre info -

"this innovative performance by Hip Hop artist and writer Akala is an abridged version of his epic poem of the same name and is a personal interpretation of history as told through the "knowledge seeker". He follows the course of man’s evolution via astral travel and multiple reincarnations, in an attempt to discover the cause of the rise and fall of Empires.

It is driven by a musical score by Mala and Paul Gladstone-Reid and combines innovative animation techniques and emerging technology with some of the most ground breaking creative talents in the industry, under the creative guidance of Andy Serkis. Akala, with a host of artists, dancers, and actors brings his poem of man's relationship with himself and the planet throughout history to life."

Critics choice and pick of the day

Filmed at Imaginarium Studios in London, technically it was a challenging setup for sound involving timecoded backing track playback, wireless "invisible" in ear monitoring and isolating projector noise to capture the performance on an expertly hidden lav by 1st assistant Duncan Craig.