• Owen Spencer

The Fitzroy

The Fitzroy is a brilliant black comedy feature film set in a post apocalyptic 1950s derelict submarine turned into a hotel which hosts a diverse range of guests.

It was funded in part through a highly successful and creative kickstarter campaign by Dresden Pictures producers Liam Garvo, James Heath and director/writer Andrew Harmer. So engaging and smashing their original target that they are regularly asked to give talks on successful crowdfunding.

Filming was split between a studio in London for the room scenes and inside the the U-475 Black Widow submarine moored in the River Medway, Rochester. It was a challenging shoot - unsurprisingly submarines are cramped at the best of times let alone when a film crew and tons of kit make their way aboard - but looking back now it was so much fun and the film is marvellous, a real pleasure to be production sound recordist on.