• Owen Spencer

Planet of the Apes - Last Frontier - Press Shoot

After all the hard work on the video game Planet of the Apes - Last Frontier (which I was motion capture sound recordist on) as part of the release promotion it was time to let press, influencers and vloggers experience how the apes were created at Imaginarium Studios in London.

I was asked to record sound for the press shoot and the process was the same as the game cutscene motion capture recording - lav mics on topcaps with the cable secured under the motion dots to Lectrosonics transmitters in a velcro pouch attached to the capture suit. This gives the most direct sound as whichever way the performers turn their head the mic will always be on point.

Here are motion capture performers Peter Elliott and Neil Newbon who play Khan and Bryn in the game suit up and ape around in the motion volume with vlogging gaming duo Two Angry Gamers.